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This page is a self-serving feel good effort on my part, containing excerpts from your emails.

I just began to check out your website. It's fantastic ! ! ! The database and photos are terrific.
Jeff Miller

It was a real thrill to see the WDRC FM article and the photo of my father, Franklin M. Doolittle, along with other greats such as Allen B. DuMont, who I met more than once in my youth.
My father's technical achievements were certainly notable, but certainly as notable, was his ability
to get the best out of people, always leading by example.
John B. Doolittle

I can't thank you enough for your posting a picture of my ex-boss, Everett Dillard. I worked for WASH-FM in the late fifties, Mr. Dillard was the most congenial employer I ever worked for.
It's the highlight of my day.
Walt Kraemer

You really did a very nice job on your website, and I thank you for keeping the Yankee Network history alive.
It amazes me that people have forgotten about John Shepard 3rd.
Donna Halper / Broadcast Historian Emerson College

With my interest in W1XPW and early FM on West Peak, I was excited (radio pun not intended) by your poster pages. It's great that websites like yours exists (and Mr. Brouder as well) so that younger engineers can have a heritage to appreciate !
Chuck Dube / WTIC Hartford, CT

A quick note to thank you for all the work you put into your website. A labor of love.
I was speaking with someone about the Rural Radio Network and lamenting the fact that I've never been able to find a history of that unique radio service. And now, here it is!
Great stuff. Thank you ! !
John Kosinski

One of the best websites about radio and TV. I've researched broadcast history since high school and this is by far the most comprehensive source I've come across.
Robert Paine

I can't believe we haven't found each others' sites until now.
I've just spent a most enjoyable couple of hours visiting your site.
Scott Fybush / Northeast Radio Watch

I am enjoying your site very much and will return to read more tomorrow evening. I've just about finished my dissertation: The Story of the DuMont Network, and plan to teach broadcasting history at the undergraduate level. At 55, I'm starting a new career. Armstrong is also one of my heros --as a broadcasting history "nut"--I'm glad you included his photo.
Jerry King

WOW ! I thought I had discovered all of the old radio/TV sites. Very nicely done.
A group of us here at our facility are always interested in seeing the old photos.
Bob Hess, WBZ / CBS Boston

I just spent some time wandering around your website. I really enjoyed your classic transmitter site photos, and coverage maps.
Especially enjoyed your section on WMTW/WHOM and the cog railroads pics.
Thanks ! I feel I just spent a day on Mount Washington.
Mike Bujaj
A link from Scott Fybush led me to your website.
I just took a more extensive look at your website. You captured some marvelous history.
I was in the Mount Washington TV-FM building in 1961, I've been in the original WDRC-FM building as well as stood outside the "Heublein Tower" on Avon Mountain, home of WTHT-FM.
Sure glad Scott's site linked to yours.
Bill Davies
THANKS for your site, which I stumbled on doing a Google search for "stratovision".
When I was a kid in the 50's, back when corporate security was pretty much a joke, it used to be possible for a teenager with a coat and tie to sneak into network headquarters in New York. My buddy and I specialized in NBC.
I ended up in radio news and am nearing my 20th anniversary with Voice of America.
Art Chimes
I was given your URL by a friend of mine who is another broadcast engineer. I grew up in New England and went to summer camp in the 60's in New Hampshire and watched WMTW TV/FM.
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed looking over the historical stuff and well as the links.
I've already passed your site on to another bunch of friends on mine in the business.
Hal Kneller
I especially found the early stuff on WBZ-TV fascinating. I remember when I was about 6 and the TV tower on Soldiers Field Road blew down in hurricane Carol, and I didn't get to see cartoons for a while....hehe.
Again, a great site.
Really enjoyed the site, especially the old WMUR-TV poster. I remember growing up in Nashua watching it as a kid in the 60's.
Interested in reading the old Yankee Network material, as well.
I started working in radio at WOTW (Nashua, NH).
Thanks for a great site.
Tim R
Hi there!
Your database of older station stations is really interesting ! Great stuff !
(ED note: included a correction on a Canadian station.)
William Hepburn
YOUR SITE ROCKS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I'm 16 years old and live just south of Boston.
Thanks, I like New England Radio and TV History.
Peter Wiggins

I just wanted to comment on your website. As a life-long fan of radio, I'm always looking to learn more about the beginning of the craft, especially in New England.
You can imagine my surprise when I saw my father's name mentioned prominently - Ed Juaire.
Again, many thanks for the education ! ! !
Ed Juaire, Jr. (Randy Clemens) WCIB/WPXC/WRZE, Hyannis, MA
(Editor's note: mentioned on "Your Host" page.)


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