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Listing of FM and Television stations, as of.....
       Commercial FM stations as of March 1941.  Communications Magazine
       Commercial and Experimental FM stations as of August, 1943.  Communications Magazine
       Frequency Modulation stations with "new" call letters, as of November 1, 1943.  FM Magazine
      W2XOY:  Charles E. Wilson, General Electric Company.   January, 1941
      W55M:  Charles J. Damm, General Manager, Radio Division, The Journal Company.  February 1941
      W71NY:  J.R. Poppele, Chief Engineer, Bamberger Broadcasting Service.   June, 1941
      W41MM:  Gordon Gray, President, Mt. Mitchell Broadcasting.  August, 1941
      W59NY:  V.L. "John" Hogan, President, Interstate Broadcasting Company.   October, 1941
      Editorial about WGAN by Milton Sleeper, 1942
      WQXQ:  V.L. Hogan;  An account of present activities and future plans.  1946
      Editorial about WTAG-FM, February, 1949
      A Statement of Confidence in FM--from Buffalo, New York.  May 1951
FM Radio Stations
     W1XER:  More FM service in New England.  December, 1940
     W1XPW Builds FM Audience.  December, 1940
     W1XOJ Exceeds Expectations.  March, 1941
     How W47A Did It.  September, 1941
     W41MM:  Progress Report on Gordon Gray's FM Station.  April, 1942
     546,000 Watts on FM.  November, 1948
     FM Station WMIT is Back Again.  August, 1951
     Broadcast Pro-File:  WHCN, Hartford.  December 30, 1999
Television Facilities
     WBZ-TV/FM/AM:  Part 1 of 3 parts; The WBZ Radio and Television Center.  November 1948
     WBZ-TV/FM/AM:  Part 2 of 3 parts; Television at WBZ.  December, 1948
     WBZ-TV/FM/AM:  Part 3 of 3 parts; Audio Facilities at the Radio Television Center.  December, 1948
     WNHC-TV:  Low cost television operation.  March, 1949
     Ultra-Modern WOR-TV, is 84th Television Station.  February, 1950
     WABD's New Transmitter Installation.  April, 1952
     DuMont Opens New Tele-Center.  July, 1954
     WMTW-TV is Operating--Facilities.  October 1, 1954
     WMTW-TV is Operating--Personnel.  October 1, 1954
     WRGB Celebrates 15th Year.  January, 1955
   * TV Weathers Mount Washington / WMTW.  February, 1957
STL / Microwave Relay
    WMIT's 337 mc Studio-Transmitter-Link.  March, 1946
     Harvey Radio Labs: S-T for WFMI, Portsmouth, NH.  May 1948
     Bell System:  3,000 mile microwave system began trans-continental service August 17th, 1951.
     Bell System:  Opens trans-continental Radio-Relay.  October, 1951
FM Networks
     American Network Activities.  November, 1941
     FM Nets can deliver High Fidelity for less.  1947
     RRN:  Part 1 of 6 parts:  Pattern for Profit;  Introduction.  September, 1948
     RRN:  Part 2 of 6 parts:  Pattern for Profit;  Organization.  September, 1948
     RRN:  Part 3 of 6 parts:  Pattern for Profit;  Promotion.  September, 1948
     RRN:  Part 4 of 6 parts:  Pattern for Profit;  Programming.  September, 1948
     RRN:  Part 5 of 6 parts:  Pattern for Profit;  Receiver and Antenna.  September, 1948
     RRN:  Part 6 of 6 parts:  Pattern for Profit;  Transmitters.  September, 1948
     Radio Network for Rural Areas.  December, 1948
     Frequency Modulation Network Relays, October 1954
Broadcast Equipment / Facsimile / Special Operations
     FAX:  Newspapers of Tomorrow.  August, 1948
     What Happened to FM Facsimile:  December, 1948
     Is Stratovision the Answer?  January, 1950
     RCA/NBC: Operation Bridgeport, First full scale UHF test.  1951
     "Offset Carrier" Success.  1951
     Multiplex FM Broadcasting.  June, 1951
     "Satellite" Television Transmission System.  February, 1955
     "Over the Horizon" transmission.  June, 1955
     Two Television Programs on One Channel.  December, 1957
     TeleCopter:  A Flying Television Station.  October 1958
     John Shepard 3rd:  Obituary.  July, 1950
     John Guider:  Our Respects.  July, 1961
     Biography of Allen B. DuMont. (not online at this time)
      Audio file .wav of FM pioneers.  February 14, 1941
      Discussion of FM Propagation Tests.  January, 1948
      Subliminal ads tried on television.  February, 1948
      FCC Proposal to end Television freeze.  October, 1949
      The National Broadcasting Company--Television Pioneer.  1951
      RCA-NBC "Firsts" in Television.  1951
      What's Wrong with American FM?.  June 1962
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