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The Radio Voice of New Hampshire
WMUR-FM discontinues operation after December 27, 1950

WMUR applies to the FCC for an FM station on the low band, on December 12, 1940.  The station 
would be on 43.5 mc with a coverage area of 20.290 sq. miles, 103rd to file with the FCC.

A memo dated March 21, 1942 discusses the pro's and con's of three location, Mt. Kearsarge,
Mt. Shaw and Mt. Uncanoonuc.  Mt. Kearsarge was not available.  The memo indicates that  a 
50,000 transmitter on Uncanoonuc or a 10,000 watt unit on Mt. Shaw would yield
the same coverage area in it's prime coverage area of southern New Hampshire.  Mt. Uncanoonuc
 would require a directional antenna to protect an unnamed station in Boston.  (CBS).
Estimated construction cost  for Shaw was $100,000 while Uncanoonuc would be $200,000.
Operating expenses for Uncanoonuc estimated to be 100% more than Shaw.
"It appears that Mount Shaw excels in coverage, installation and maintenance costs."

The August 1943 issue of Communications magazine still lists WMUR at 43.5mc with
with transmitter to be located on Mt. Shaw with no action from the FCC.

On January 26, 1947, the FCC issues a construction permit for WMUR-FM to operate on 95.7 mc
with an ERP of 3.3 KW at 1475' above sea level.  On the same date WFEA is also issued a CP
 for a new FM on 101.1 mc and ERP of 3.4 KW (WVMA fm).  Both stations were to operate using 
shared space on Mt. Uncanoonuc using a single 2 bay superturnstile FM antenna fed via a diplexer.

There were weather related construction problems with the Mt. Uncanoonuc transmitter site.  
WMUR-FM begins broadcasting, on an interim basis with reduced power, on December 21 at 7pm.
The transmitter is located in the studio building at 1819 Elm Street.  On October 18, 1948  the 
station is temporarily shut down to move the transmitter to it's permanent location atop Mt. Uncanoonuc.
 WMUR-FM resumes with full power from Mt. Uncanoonuc at 7:45 am on January 23, 1949.

Regular  schedule is to be 3 to 11:15 pm daily.       WVMA (fm) was never constructed.

The FCC granted WMUR-FM a license on July 15, 1949.  The last day of broadcasting was Wednesday
December 27, 1950, at which time the license was returned to the FCC and the call letters were deleted.

The transmitter building and tower would later be used for WMUR-TV and the RCA transmitter 
would return to service, still on 95.7, by WKBR-FM when the station moved to a Class B facility.
The WVMA frequency of 101.1 was later assigned to WGIR-FM.  WGIR is the former WMUR (am)
WKBR-FM became WZID fm which is now paired with WFEA.

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FCC documents from National Archives/FCC files, thanks to Ed Brouder.  
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