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February 2008

Wherever there's important FM activity you will find an REL 646-B on the job.

July 1950 - The New York Times station WQXR-FM is now carried every night and Sunday over the 10 stations 
of the Rural Radio Network, plus  WFMZ Allentown and WBIB New Haven.  A route distance of over 600 miles.
The stations carrying the  WQXR-FM programs have bought a total of 35 REL receivers.  

WFMZ was the  first affiliate, quickly followed by RRN and WBIB.

The 1960 Broadcasting Yearbook lists 20 stations as part of the QXR Network; 11 in the 
New York State Division, four in the New England Division and five in the Mid-Atlantic Division.  
There were 17 non-connected (tape delay) affiliates listed in the 1961 issue of Broadcasting. 
Included, among others, were Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit and San Francisco
The QXR Network was dismanteled in the fall on 1963.

More info on the QXR Network           1960 QXR Network route map

Editor's Note:  I personally own the "rack mount" version of this receiver.  
At WGIR/WGIR-FM we had a 646B, it was mainly used as an off-air relay for the Yankee Network, and Red Sox baseball.  
Originally it was WMUR-FM equipment.  Was in service at the transmitter site on Mt. Uncannonuc.

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