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W E L C O M E . . .
A broadcast history site, devoted to early FM and Television. 
An eclectic collection of technical data as well as trivia. 
Hosted by Norm Gagnon, a longtime broadcast engineer.
ggn information systems 
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Hello Visitors,

Iೡd to inform you that your host, Norm Gagnon passed away in March of 2012 of a long illness. Getting access to his site and not being a savvy computer person, it has taken me some time to figure out how to leave a message on the home page.

In Norm୥mory, his webpage will remain up so that you may continue to enjoy what he loved most.

Questions, stories or picture contributions can be addressed by clicking ᠨref="mailto:4ggninfo@gmail.com">e-mail쯿


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Image: Yankee Network's W1XOJ / W43B, Paxton Massachusetts

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